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Sertan Eratay'07

Managing Director

Middle East R/GA

The biggest plus of attending Bosphorus Executive MBA program for me was the diversity of the attendees, who represented different companies, a wide range of experience, and various sectors.

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Sinan Kılıçoğlu'04

Managing Director


Executive MBA at Bogazici Universtiy for sure helps you to gain new management skills, strategic thinking and bigger picture understanding to move towards increased responsibilities throughout your career.

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Aslı Dizdar'07

HR Director


Through the projects I've completed during the programme, I got a lot experienced about those issues with my project teammates while implementing and adjusting the theoretical subjects upon real-life scenarios.

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Okan Beşli'16

Project Manager

Soft-Tech Class of EMBA

Executive MBA program combines a broad choice of current topics with and innovative approach to delivering learning outcomes.The program offers plenty of networking opportunities with other successful professionals.

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Aslı Güvenç’11

Policies and Research Manager

Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association of Turkey (IEIS)

The Boğaziçi University Executive MBA program, with its curriculum embodying topics and its focus on business and strategy will allow me to tailor my education as well as networking skills towards the actualization of my goals.

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Melih Işık'11

IT Manager

Otis Elevator and Escalator Company

I specifically chose Boğaziçi because it is recognized and respected by almost every industry in Turkey and Boğaziçi Executive MBA program provides courses that most blend with my interests and needs.

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Sinem Hacer Kökten'11

Strategy and Business Development Manager


I believe that coexisting with many people from various sectors in the Boğaziçi Executive MBA program and benefiting from their experiences would provide me with a different perspective in my career at a time of globalization in terms of the business world.

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Sertaç Oruç'11

Senior Planning & Cost Control Engineer Budget and ERP Department


I already got some ideas my head, but unfortunately until now I did not have the right knowledge and the right tools for putting them in practice and that is why I know that Boğaziçi Executive MBA would be an excellent starting point for me.

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Kaan Şen'11

Strategy & Business Development Gr. Manager

I choose to study at Boğaziçi, because I believe there is a strong emphasis on the entrepreneurial point of view.

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Demet Özol'11

Group Product & Education Manager


At this stage of my career I see Boğaziçi University Executive MBA degree as a stepping stone, since it will help me to differentiate myself from others, to diversify my capabilities, to accelerate my progress.


Erol Tuna'11

Regional General Manager

MoneyGram International

Boğaziçi EMBA brand which signifies unrivalled management and leadership training to give me the flexibility to make changes throughout my career in the upcoming decades.

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Berrak Karadeniz'11

Senior Credit Analyst


I believe that an Executive MBA Program in Boğaziçi University will facilitate me to construct a theoretical framework upon marketing and finance as well as a business perspective in solving problems in today's professional world.

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Işıl Özer'11

Senior Manager, Communications, EAMA


Boğaziçi University is one of my biggest dreams. Throughout these years, I have been preparing myself both academically and professionally to have the chance to become a member of this world-renowned university. As a member of a corporate world, I have had the opportunity to closely see how Boğaziçi graduates stand apart from the crowd.

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Esra Atiye İnce'11

Vice President

Deutsche Bank

By attending Boğaziçi University for such a program, I will have the chance to be exposed to theory and practice in a top notch school. The curriculum taught by experienced professors will offer a diverse and unique education, complemented by the chance to meet new people attending the program from different backgrounds and sectors.