The Boğaziçi Executive MBA program aims to grow leaders who are able to transform global challenges into opportunities with a relentless effort to build ability to combine practice and theory while ensuring an active learning environment.

The versatile and flexible program structure builds awareness of emerging trends in management and technology to ensure preparedness in a volatile, unpredictable, complex and ambiguous environment with a focus on innovation.

Our demanding faculty’s ultimate aim is to ensure our Executive MBA candidates whether they are corporate leaders or entrepreneurs to gain demonstrated leadership skills in the organizational context and a proven ability to identify and analyze complex managerial problems and opportunities.

While the business community is under ever increasing scrutiny in a world of transparency boosted by social media, citizen journalism and growing public pressure demanding more accountability, Boğaziçi Executive MBA aims to invest on responsible leadership by an actionable commitment to ethical conduct and corporate governance with interactive discussion on dilemmas and consequences.

Being the Best Executive MBA Program in Turkey and the Region

  • 150 years of legacy in growing successful leaders
  • Inspiring individuals to be the very best of themselves
  • Establishing a lifelong community of Boğaziçi Fellowship
  • Supporting advance thinking on innovation, management and entrepreneurship
  • Investing in the future of nation’s human capital
  • Fuelling the most demanding future leaders

* Curriculum, Content and Classroom experience
* Flexible Curriculum: offer variety and specializations
* New Trending Topics: Digital, Connectivity, Ethics, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Sustainability
* A globally renowned faculty with High academic standards
* An interactive class environment of highly qualified participants
* Opportunity to become a part of alumni of selected individuals who have impact on society.
* A  global  brand and network