The Executive MBA program welcomes applications each year during the first three weeks of June. Only those applications received during this period are considered for admission.

Yes, there is. The application fee for our program is determined by the Bogazici University Senate each year in May

Students are admitted to the program only once a year. Applications made in periods other than the application period in June are not accepted.

Yes,we believe that the presence of students who have other undergraduate major backgrounds, in our Executive MBA Program, enriches our program.

You can apply if the colleges you have graduated from have been approved for equivalence by the Council of Higher Education (YÖK)

The students are obliged to enroll in and attend all courses within the scope of this Program.

Special students are not admitted to our program.

Applicants are required to submit all application materials by the end of the application period. Incomplete applications will not be considered for admission. Only those applicants whose English language test scores are missing may conditionally apply and the applicanst may provide the results of the test scores after the application period.

We cannot accept academic references; the letters should be from the business world.

Applicants, who have fulfilled the requirements of application, may apply within the application dates that have been previously announced. At the end of the application period, all applicants are reviewed by the Executive MBA program’s Executive Committee according to their academic and business-related qualities. Those applicants who meet the basic requirements are invited for an interview. The candidates who are successful in the interview are admitted to the program.

For the differences in programs there is information under the general information heading in our website.

We do not have preparatory courses for students who hold non-business undergraduate degrees.

Professors from the Management Department of Bogazici University teach the courses. Team work, laboratory work, and visiting lecturers from the business world are also part of the teaching process, depending on the nature of specific courses.

Yes, however we are also aware of the fact that our students have jobs. Students’ work-related excuses for absence, such as business meetings and/or travel required by their current jobs are evaluated with tolerance.However,we believe that attendance to classes is also important for adding value to our students’ education.

The quota for the program is announced each year in May. The quota for 2014-2015 academic year is 50 people. The courses are conducted in two classes composed of 25 people each.

This subject is explained in detail in the “Tuition and Fees of the Program” section. The tuition fee and the payment methods of the Executive MBA program are announced by the University’s Board of Directors each year in May.

There is no financial aid provided by the school for Executive MBA students.

All applicants who meet the requirements of the program are treated equally.

With the implementation of a new law, people who have graduate degrees without thesis cannot continue with a doctorate program. Those people, who would like to continue with a doctorate program, should have a graduate degree with thesis.

We do not accept applications from recent graduates to our program. We believe it is important that participants have professional work experience both for the richness of the program and for the benefit of the other participants.

We expect our candidates to have -preferably- five years of professional work experience. We only consider work after graduation as valid professional experience.

Yes you may, but we should remind the applicants that we prefer candidates with five years of professional work experience.

  • BUEPT exam is administered by the Bogazici University School of Foreign Languages three times per year in January, June, and August. To learn more about the dates and application process for this exam, please visit you may receive information by phone from 0212 359 45 00.
  • Bogazici University is an authorized test center for TOEFL (IBT). You can obtain information about the Bogazici University TOEFL Center at the web site by phone at +90 212 263 02 36 / +90 212 359 73 78. Another test center for TOEFL in Istanbul is BILMERK. You can reach BILMERK through or through the phone number +90 212 230 66 00.
  • IELTS exam is administered by the British Council. For information about this exam you can visit British Council Istanbul’s phone number is +90 212 355 56 57.

Proficiency in English is mandatory to apply to the Executive MBA program and there are no preparatory language classes.

Yes. BU graduates are exempt from the proficiency test during the two years following their graduation. Those who have graduated more than two years ago need to take one of the tests acknowledged by the university senate (BUEPT / TOEFL / IELTS).

Yes, you still need to bring acceptable scores from one of the three tests mentioned above (BUEPT / TOEFL / IELTS). Only applicants graduated from Boğaziçi University in two years are exempt from the English proficiency exam.

If the last four years of your education is in a country whose native language is English and also the instruction language of the university is English and if you have graduated in two years, then you are exempt from the English proficieny exam.

Yes, you can apply conditionally. If you are accepted to the Program, you must take one of the three exams mentioned above and obtain a satisfactory score by the end of the registration period. You will lose the chance to register to the program if you cannot bring proof of your knowledge of English.

Yes, you can apply conditionally. If you are accepted, you must bring proof of your proficiency in writing by the end of the registration period. In that case, you can either take only the TWE section of BUEPT examination, whose score -if satisfactory- will be combined with your TOEFL score of 213 (79); OR you can take a full IELTS / TOEFL test again to obtain passing score for each component of the test.

Yes, you can apply conditionally. If you are accepted, you must bring a satisfactory score by the end of the registration period, otherwise you will lose the chance to register to the program.

TOEFL / IELTS test scores are valid for 24 months. You may present an older score for information purposes only. You may apply conditionally, however you have to take the exam one more time.

ALES or GMAT is not required to apply for the program.